Frequently Asked Questions

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Q How many hours do I need to be insured?

A: You need 275 hours in a qualifying quarter to be insured or 800 hours in four consecutive qualifying quarters.

Q: If I lose my coverage can I pay to continue them?

A: If you become insured and then do not work enough hours to continue insurance we will offer you self -pay. The Claims Office will automatically send this information to you.

Q: Will my hours automatically be transferred to the Benefit Office if I am working out of town?

A: No. Please contact the Benefit Office for a transfer authorization form or you may also download the form.

Click Here to Download the Transfer Form 

Q: If I believe my contractor is not reporting, what can I do? 

A: We encourage you to contact the eligibility department at the Benefit Office to verify your current reported hours.


Q: What is normal retirement age?

A: The normal retirement age is 62. You can retire at age 62, or have 30 Pension Credits (Service Pension) and retire at any age with full benefits.

Q: What is a disability pension?

A: A disability pension is when you are deemed totally and permanently disabled by the Fund Doctor or the Social Security Administration. There are no age restrictions on this, however, you must meet certain requirements to be eligible.

Q: What is early retirement?

A: Early retirement is age 55 as long as you are vested.

Q: How many credits do I need to be vested?

A: You would need 9 Pension credit or 5 vesting credits.

Q: What is the difference between Pension and Vesting Credits?

A: To get a full pension credit, you would need to work 1200 hours in a pension plan year. Please note, pension credits can be early in quarter increments for every 300 hours worked.

To get a vesting credit, you would need to work 1000 in a pension plan year.

Q: Can anyone be my beneficiary?

A: If you are married, you spouse will automatically be your beneficiary. If you are not married, you can choose whomever you would like as your beneficiary.