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January edition

Where are you working?

January 1st marked the beginning of a new coverage quarter. In order to be covered, you needed to have worked 275 hours in the St. Louis jurisdiction between September, October and November.


February edition

2020 Wellness Program ResultsLess

We just wrapped up another successful Wellness Program and we are excited to announce that the 2021 Wellness Program is now open! Last year was challenging like everything in 2020 since we could not have any onsite events due to the pandemic. With that being said we still had a great turnout and would like to share the results. Less

march/april edition

Self-Pay Coverage

What is self-pay coverage? Self-pay coverage will be offered to any eligible Active members who did not receive enough hours in the last qualifying quarter to be insured in the next coverage quarter. (See page 4). The self-pay notice will be mailed around the 3rd week of the last qualifying quarter month. For example, we will be mailing a self-pay notice in March for members that do not have enough hours between December, January and February to be insured in April, May and June.

may edition

Laborers' Addiction Program

An addiction could be to pain pills, alcohol or illegal drugs. Sadly, almost everyone knows someone who has an addiction or may be battling addiction themselves. In

February of 2018, the Trustees, Consultants and Benefit Office Staff formulated a program to help our laborers and their dependents fight this devastating epidemic.


JUNE Edition

Two More Vaccine Clinics


JULY Edition

Website Features

Recently we updated our website to give it a cleaner look and make it more user friendly for our participants. We also added new features such as videos, mobile-friendly, etc.
You will now notice on the home page there are three main sections, Members, Contractors and Trustees.


AUGUST Edition

Benefits 101: Dental

Did you know it is recommended that you visit the dentist every six months? Dental Health is an important part of your overall health. Your mouth can show signs of some nutritional deficiencies and general infections. It can also be linked to health problems like cardiovascular disease, stroke, and bacterial pneumonia. 


september edition

Suicide Prevention Month

Suicide is never an easy topic to talk about.  However, it’s important to know, you are NOT alone.
Last year suicide was the 10th leading cause of death in the United States and 1.4 million Americans attempted suicide.  Suicide is alarmingly high in the construction industry, which has the 2nd highest rate of suicides among all occupations.  Construction can be a high-stress job that also has high rates of alcohol and drug use. 


october Edition

Medicare Open Enrollment

Learn about the 2022 Laborers’ Advantra (HMO), Gold Advantage (HMO) and Aetna Medicare Advantage benefit plans and changes.  This is Medicare open enrollment which means you can switch to one of the three plans offered through the Laborers’. 


NOVEMBER edition

Where are you working?

This is an important question because the jurisdiction that you are working in is where your hours will be sent. If you are working outside of the St. Louis jurisdiction, your hours will be sent to the Home Fund in the area you are working in. For example, if you work in St. Charles County, your hours will be sent to the outstate Fund office located in Kansas City.


december Edition

Were you recently told you are
not insured?

Did you recently have a visit with your provider (i.e., doctor, urgent care, etc.) and were told you are not insured? We received several calls from participants that were told this when they went to their doctor.