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january edition

Where are you working?

January 1st marked the beginning of a new coverage quarter. In order to be covered, you needed to have worked 275 hours in the St. Louis jurisdiction between September, October and November.


february editionLess

2020 Wellness Program ResultsLess

We just wrapped up another successful Wellness Program and we are excited to announce that the 2021 Wellness Program is now open! Last year was challenging like everything in 2020 since we could not have any onsite events due to the pandemic. With that being said we still had a great turnout and would like to share the results. Less

march/april EDITION

Self-Pay Coverage

What is self-pay coverage? Self-pay coverage will be offered to any eligible Active members who did not receive enough hours in the last qualifying quarter to be insured in the next coverage quarter. (See page 4). The self-pay notice will be mailed around the 3rd week of the last qualifying quarter month. For example, we will be mailing a self-pay notice in March for members that do not have enough hours between December, January and February to be insured in April, May and June.