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colorectal Awareness Month

Did you know that March is Colorectal Awareness Month? A colon screening is probably not a topic you normally find yourself discussing with your spouse, co-workers, or friends, but it is an important thing to talk about.

Most patients with early-stage colon cancer have no symptoms and can be diagnosed through screenings.


january Edition

New Year, New Deductible

Like in years past, your deductible starts over in January. The good news is you DO NOT have to worry about adjusting your budget this new year due to increased deductibles! We have had the same deductible since 2009.


december EDITION

How do you send your forms?

We send out forms regularly to participants that need to be completed and returned to the Benefit Office. We have several ways you can send in documents, payments, and required forms.

We have recently noticed that mail is taking much longer to get back to the Benefit Office.  We wanted to take a moment and let you know there are other ways to send your forms to our office.


november Edition

2022 Health Fair:  RECAP

We want to give a special thank you to our members and their families for coming to the Health Fair in September. We were excited to be able to have our Health Fair for the first time since 2019.



Are you eligible for Medicare?

We understand that Medicare can be confusing and overwhelming for almost everyone.  
Most people may associate Medicare eligibility with turning age 65.  However, there are other ways to become eligible for Medicare before turning 65.



Everside Health Clinics: Exciting News!

Everside Health is now offering DOT physicals. If you need a DOT physical and your work does not provide it, you can now get your DOT physical done at any of the seven Everside Health
Clinic locations.



How much do I owe on this claim?

When you get a bill from a provider, and you are not sure if the amount you owe is correct, the most efficient way to confirm this is to refer to the I-Site portal on our website:


JULY Edition

wellness Program: Everside Health

This past March, we introduced Everside Health Clinics. The clinics offer an easy, more convenient, all-inclusive healthcare option with no out-of-pocket costs for all covered individuals*.
Everside Health will serve as another option for eligible participants and their spouses to participate in the Wellness Program.


jUNE edition

Why do we need an Injury/Illness Claim Form?

We get this question often, so we thought we would give you the reason behind the form. When we receive a claim from your provider, we only receive the diagnosis (i.e., pain in the foot) with no explanation for the reason for the visit. Completing this form provides us with the missing details so we can process the claim.


MAY Edition

Member I-Site Portal

Did you know you can access your information on the
I-Site Portal anytime? I-Site is an online portal for our members
and their dependents that provides access to their current information. You can access the portal online at by clicking on the “Member” tab and then the “I-Site Login.”


APRIL edition

Are you being told you are not insured?

Did you recently have a visit with a provider (i.e., doctor, urgent care, etc.) and were told you are not insured? We have received several calls from participants that were told this when they went to their doctor, particularly Mercy and BJC providers.